After 39 years of business, renowned jeweller, Elayne Vears is at the peak of her career, winning awards for excellence in business and long term trade. Her ability to recreate and deliver unique signature pieces to her clients nationally and internally, has made her what she is today.


Elayne took her first steps into the jewellery industry starting as an apprentice in Melbourne and Dandenong, before joining a collaborative in 1988 called “the Barn” in Merrick’s North. Here was where she really flourished as a jeweller and jewellery designer. In 1994 Elayne first backed herself and began business in Main Street Mornington. Initially renting a small shop in Empire Street Mall, it wasn't long before she had a well established clientele base.


In order to meet demands Elayne was now requiring a larger shop, so the move was made to 65 Main Street, Mornington. This was even more successful. A few years later in 1999 an opportunity arose to take over the lease at 41 Main Street Mornington. This was when ‘Studio 41’ was born! The connection with the historic shop front and her uncanny ability to restore magical pieces from yesteryear resonated her with this space. Elayne draws some of her biggest inspirations to this day here at ‘Studio 41’ now many years on.


Elayne and her team have great passion for their work, creating jewellery that tells a story, defines a moment and truly becomes part of the wearer.


To our small business individuality is key. In a world where nothing is truly original anymore, we offer an unparalleled face to face service with intent of making your dreams come true.


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